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7 Millsborough Avenue
Tel. : 876-631-7960 | 876-276-9642
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Yoga Angels Jamaica our first franchise was established December 4, 2010 in Kingston Jamaica. This gorgeous location models our philosophy and wholesome approach to Health & Fitness. It's compromised of YAJ Yoga center, BBS gym & fitness classes, Spa rooms & retail Store.

The Yoga Angels method was founded by Subhadra Bowman mother of four, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and yoga teacher. Yoga Angels is dedicated to educate through yoga creating skilled and experienced yoga teachers while sharing yoga with kids, families and the community.

In 1997 Yoga Angel's began teaching classes for kids as an after school program at Gardner Street Elementary in Hollywood twice per week. The program was a success and the classes were increased to five days per week. Yoga Angels developed a relationship with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Our history of teaching children continues as we offer yoga classes through schools in California, Miami, Jamaica and beyond.

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