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Judgement Yard was established as a community centre in August Town by the many youths who comprise Judgement Yard. 

Judgement Yard is like a home to many Rastafari youth, of which the majority wear turbans and trod the earth as battlefield warriors in Selassie Army in that I and I "burn" corruption and dirty livity. Many of these same youths who are members of Judgement Yard fraternity are musicians or have some direct affiliation with the music through production works, artiste works, etc. Some of these talents are featured on this website, but many more will follow because Judgement Yard is ever progressive and never idle. As Sizzla Kalonji is a versatile pioneer within Reggae music, so are all of the battlefield warriors who compromise the body of the Judgement Yard organism, while Sizzla represents the head.

Actually, we pushing up & uplifting the works of the fathers of Judgement Yard like Congo Judah, Joseph Shepherd, Bobo David fi name a few. In the same time, we are working with young talents, training them and teaching them the Yard vibes.

I and I meditate righteous works unto The Almighty High JAH RASTAFARI Selassie I.

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