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Outameni Experience

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Coopers Pen, Trelawny, (just opposite the Breezes Resort & Spa- Trelawny)
Tel. : (876) 954-4035 | (876) 836-6725
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Outameni Experience is a moving cultural experience that celebrates Jamaica's rich culture depicted in small architecturally designed villages showing Taino, Spanish, African, English, Indian, Chinese and Jamaica Today.


An interactive cultural journey… Outameni Experience is a unique blend of music, art, dance, film and drama. Visitors will have a holistic cultural "experience" evolving over a 90-minute journey set on five acres of land. Outameni Experience will tantalize all your senses in this interactive journey with a colourful mosaic enriched by the vibrant spirit and culture of the Jamaican people.

Outameni Experience is the brainchild of film producer, Lennie Little-White and

owned by Orange Valley Holdings Ltd., a Jamaican company that focuses on the
development of tourism and the tourism product in Jamaica.

Our Mission...We endeavour to promote Jamaica's rich and colourful history through an interactive journey that tells the story of the Jamaican people in a unique, entertaining experience that contributes to the preservation of our heritage.

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