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Antonio Bennett

  • Antonio Bennett
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Singer, Producer
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Antonio Manuel Muñoz Bennett 
(born December 9, 1986), known commonly as L.O.C (Lyrically Overshadowing my Competition) is a talented upcoming rapper in Jamaica. L..O.C was born in Kingston, St. Andrew, where he was raised for the first part of his life before moving to Spanish town, St. Catherine.

L.O.C began attending High School in 1998 where he met Napalm who also shared a love for hip-hop.

Artists such as: DMX, Eminem and Big L captivated his mind and caused L.O.C to take a dramatic interest in the art. Around this time his parents were on the verge of a divorce. After the separation L.O.C was forced to stay with his father in kingston while his mother moved to St. Catherine. His father was a very strict and principled person thus L.O.C was not allowed certain privileges. The only possession that was of extreme value to L.O.C was a Compact Disc player which his mother had bought him. This allowed him to become entrenched in Hip Hop music.

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