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Gracie-Ann Watson

  • Gracie-Ann Watson
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Actor, Model
Column : Cinema/tv, Fashion

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Gracie-Ann Watson is a chestnut-skinned sister, with what men describe as a 'Coco Cola' shape and has been in more than 15 videos. The downside to this, she says, is that people often get the 'wrong' idea about her.

She spoke of appearing in I-Wayne's video, Can't Satisfy Her, where she played a prostitute.

"With (that) video, people need to know that Gracie is actually different from the character; people need to know that it was just a character that I was portraying. Even when I was in Royal Palm playing 'Patience', people don't realise that I am Gracie-Ann. People are misled and are like, 'dance for me like when you dance on the show'," she said.

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