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Jeffrey Samuels

  • Jeffrey  Samuels
© Jeffrey Samuels
Graphic artist, Painter, Illustrator
Column : Fine arts

Jeffrey Samuels a gifted artist, 'He was born in the fishing village of White House Montego Bay Jamaica in the year 1969. He had no formal training in art, 

but that did not stop his work from adorning some of the most prestigious homes in the world. One of his most famous piece to date. 'MICHAEL' can be found in the home of the world renowned, King of Pop 'Michael Jackson'. He considered his artistic ability a gift from God [YHWH]. He sees GOD as 'the' reference point. In HIM is the embodiment of all truth, and the truth is, his gift as an artist was not aquired, it was not achieved. It was simply given to him, To GOD be the glory. 

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