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Artistic director, Illustrator, Graphic designer
Column : Fine arts, Arts and crafts
Tel. : (876) 402-2885
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Digital and Visual Artist, Lisa Léj, is a vivacious and studious young intuitive artist who takes pleasure in: nature, art in all its forms, service, sports and generally being active, positively. Art is her passion, her life style and her identity. She considers herself, her body, to be a magnificent work of art, her mind to be a spectacular realm of vast artistry and her spirit to be that portal via which the beauty within her realm is transmitted to the physical form enabling others to experience the by-product of her imagination. She majors in Imaginative Painting and Relief work. However, she does other styles, such as landscape, portrait, still life, etc, on commission basis, but Imaginative Composition is her preference as she believes that being given the knack of replicating and manipulating the mind and nature, using various media to put them down canvas, paper, wall, monitor, etc, is tremendous and should not be limited to what is already of existence. In other words, why paint a red Rose red? It is already red. Do something eccentric. Paint it bronze, defy nature, think 'mystical' and do something that has never been done, that nature was not programmed to execute. Live your dream and or live a dream. Her motto is 'Unveiling the artistry of the mind to the vision of the blind.' It means that through visual art the creativity of the imagination can be put to understanding of others who are non-artistic.

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