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Maria Hitchins

  • Maria  Hitchins
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Choreographer, Dancer
Column : Dance

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Maria A. Hitchins has been involved in the performing arts since age three, throughout the years performing with established Jamaican dance companies and independent dancers, including representing Jamaica at the 2008 World Youth Arts Policy Forum in Toronto, Canada. At present I freelance in media with various duties in the entertainment industry. I am currently pursuing a Master Of Philosophy in Cultural Studies at U.W.I. Mona, researching socio-cultural influences of Jamaican street dancers on their communities.

Today, dance for Jamaican street dancers is more than a physical series of movements, greater than a bodily reaction to musical beats. Dancing in the 'dance-halls' represent a meaningful life of artistic fulfillment, financial reward and social escape. Very importantly street dancing has manifested as a catalyst for self and community identity and development for many under privileged youth. Hence the great interest in exhibiting and preserving its worth.

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