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Melanie Schwapp

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I love old things. I adore antiques. I believe that this love is directly tied to my love of Jamaica, and to the fact that so much of our history and achievements are reflected in things of old. It could also be related to my vivid imagination as an author, for there is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than looking at an antique and imagining the lives lived on and around it.

My first memories of life are rooted in the midst of family and friends, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, who were sometimes forced to live under one roof as we faced our various challenges. No matter how small the houses were, there was never a question of if there was enough space, or food, or love. I think this sharing nature reflected in most Jamaican families, and indeed, when our countrymen migrate, many will tell you that this extended family culture is what they miss most about home.


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