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Nahtasha Budhi

  • Nahtasha  Budhi
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When Nahtasha Budhi enters a room, men and women alike cannot help but pay attention. With her exotic beauty, insatiable energy, and insurmountable charm, she captivates every person she meets.

Budhi first caught worldwide attention with her acting debut when she was four! Budhi's knack for acting did not go unnoticed, as a matter of fact it landed her three much talked about roles in the Miramax films. Her tenacity led her to be featured in the Lion's Gate Film Shattered Image (opposite box office heavy William Baldwin), and in the Miramax release The Last Run (opposite Fred Savage). Budhi has also co-starred in the heavy thriller Rude Boy:The Jamaican Don, and Third World Cop...and many more.

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