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Robert Malcolm (Gully Bop)

  • Robert  Malcolm (Gully Bop)
© Robert Lee Malcom
Singer, Rapper, Producer
Column : Music

Gully Bop, given name Robert Lee Malcolm, also known as Country Man,  was born in King Weston,  West Rural St. Andrew, Jamaica, W.I. He attended Oberlin High School. In his later years he relocated  to Grants Pen Ave, in Grants Pen,  Kingston, Jamaica.

In November, 2014 Gully Bop stumbled upon fame. His newly found fame wasn't his first experience with the music industry. He had a previous life in dancehall under the name Country Man, but he did not achieve much. He performed at Sting and Reggae Sunsplash, but the music industry did not embrace him. Even though he faced a lot of trials and tribulations, Robert did not lose his desire to be a musician. For 20 years he struggled to survive. He fixed fans, ran errands, did odd jobs in his community and sold fruits to survive.

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