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Sweeney is a veteran Reggae musician who has been playing guitar and entertaining audiences over the past fifty (50) years. 
Sweeney made his first guitar and taught himself how to play. He used to go in the bushes far away from everyone in isolated places and practiced relentlessly to perfect his trade. He became a cornerstone in many reggae bands during Jamaica's turbulent 60's and 70's.
Some of the bands that he has played with are "The Bare Essentials", "Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus", "Zappow" and "The Light of Saba". He also did studio work with "The Wailers Band", "Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus", "Zappow", "Israel Vibration", "Nadine Sutherland" and "Tyrone Taylor", just to name a few!

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