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Stand tall

Genre : Album
Release date : Saturday 11 may 2013
Column : Music

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Senegalese artist THIECKO and his TAXI BROUSS' BAND furrow the roads, spreading the spirit of public transport in Africa and to thus offer to people a reggae Senegalese roots fraternal.
Thus, if the reggae-man, keyboard player of AMANDLA (trio reggae very known in the Nineties in Senegal) THIECKO evokes with accuracy the love, the faith and the unity, also he speaks of the evils of politics in Africa.
But what one retains especially, these are the human and social values that it defends, its invitation with the respect, justice, solidarity, and tolerance.

After "TON COMBAT" released in June 2004 and after several concerts in France and Africa, THIECKO returns in 2010 with "SAYAAN" the source" in Wolof, A CD carried out between France, Dakar and London.

2 years ago THIECKO working on his next album "STAND TALL" which like his previous albums impregnated travel and different culture and musical influences.
With 10 titles, all different by arrangements, musical performance,
languages and themes.
More than twenty musicians from Senegal, France, Jamaica, Mauritius, participated in the project "STAND TALL" which gives the album a unique character.

The album was mixed in Kingston by STEVEN STANLEY
THIECKO could surround himself with great musicians of Jamaican reggae during his escape, such as :
A combination with SOPHIA BROWN "Pearl of Jamaica" on a title
"Still in my heart"

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